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 Hamdard Educus, a double blind peer review biannual research Journal of international repute. It provides platform to national and international authors to publish their research work in different aspects of education. The journal tries to foster the integration of education with other aspects of social sciences especially Islamic studies. Psychology and English.  Research articles by learned research scholars from all over the world are welcomed for publication in Hamdard Educus, to encourage an atmosphere conducive to universal peace and understanding, for a better world. It aims at interpreting education in such a way as to bring out its dynamic character, in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world. Hamdard Educus serves as a forum for scholars to write objectively, analytically and , where ever necessary, critically on education and its integration in other social sciences disciplines.


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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022): Hamdard Educus
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