Student Perspectives on YouTube's Educational Use at Pakistani Universities: A Qualitative Exploration


  • Arooba Bashir The Smart School, Karachi
  • Salman Ashiq Notre Dame Institute of Education (NDIE)


ICT, Social media, YouTube


In today's advanced era, YouTube holds paramount importance for students in both academic and social realms. This study delves into students' diverse perceptions of YouTube usage, recognizing its significance in education. The primary objective is to understand how students from different universities view the educational utility of YouTube in their studies, emphasizing the pivotal role of technology integration in enhancing learning outcomes. Employing a qualitative research approach, this three-month investigation conducted interviews with 20 students from public and private institutes. The study, focusing on YouTube usage among university students in various fields, utilizes purposeful sampling to gather comprehensive data on outcomes and viewpoints. Findings indicate that university students experience a spectrum of advantages, perspectives, and obstacles in using YouTube for educational purposes. The study underscores the need for tailored support in the learning process and resolution of challenges encountered by students. This research contributes valuable insights into the varied ways students engage with YouTube for academic purposes. By employing purposeful sampling, the study sheds light on the multifaceted nature of advantages, perspectives, and challenges inherent in the use of YouTube among university students. The findings advocate for proactive support mechanisms to enhance the overall learning experience and address specific challenges faced by students.




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